Starting July 6 - August 22

** only evening times the week of July 11th**

Open studio is for the potter who has studio experience and can work


A meeting {email,phone or in person} and permission is required prior to sign-up  

Hours and space are limited and sign-up is required. Indicate preference for wheel or handbuilding to insure plenty of safe space. 

*  no outside clay*

Clay can be purchased in studio .

We offer a variety of Standard clays.

 Clay is NOT included



Unlimited open studio: come to any and all open studio days as many times as you like.

1/2 shelf comes with each session

an additional 50.00 fee if you would like to reserve a whole shelf

* We advise reserving a wheel if you plan on throwing /trimming on a certain day.





We offer large locker space to free up your shelf  for 25/session!

Lockers are limited , so act fast.  If you would like to have a secure place to store your tools, clay ,change of clothes, ect . 

to maintain timely turnaround firing times,

we only fire work made in the studio. If you work from home, you can rent a kiln for your work to be fired. firing fees will apply*


4 hour open studio single day/ work at your own pace. you may wish to rent shelf space or take your work home at the end of the day.

*clay is not included

*storage/shelf is not included

**we advise reserving a wheel 


open studio times

Monday 1:30 - 4:30

Tuesday 1:30 - 8:30

 Wednesday 1:30 -4:30

Thursday 1:30 - 8:30 

*Friday no open studio*

Saturday 10 -4 pm


High School STUDENTS

For all the young high school artists who need studio space and time! Until you can get back to school, we offer a chance to book a time with your peers and get guidance on your projects. Learn it online and make it with us. 

Pottery Class