Something for Everyone!

From novice to seasoned ceramicist and everything in-between, there's a class or workshop for your skill level and ceramic interest. Our classes change seasonally, so be sure to check back for our latest offerings.


Classes require a non refundable deposit to secure your seat. Missed days do not carry over into future sessions. Missed classes can be made up in open studio time during the same session.



 Send us an email detailing what you'd like to learn, what days and times work best for you, and how many people are in your party.  

*minimum of 5 students required 

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Throwing with Purpose

8 week 

Wednesday 6 -9 


Thursday 10 - 1

September 8 - Oct 27

Its time to make the pots you want. We will focus on throwing with purpose and working from a finished product back to how it begins. From measuring out the right amount of clay to making new shapes with confidence , we will have plenty of time in this new 8 week session!!

20# of clay and one open studio time slot per week is included.

experience needed



Eight week class

new time!

Monday 1:30-4:30

September 12 -October 31

Let the fun begin! It's time to give pottery A spin! This is an introductory class to the wheel and basic skills including, centering ,forming, trimming, and glazing. All tools and supplies are included. One open studio time slot per week is included with the class .

20lbs of clay and tools are provided

no experience needed

* see All speeds wheel for more beginner options

Refresher Wheel 

4 week

Tuesday 10-1

September 13 -Oct 4 

Remember that pottery class you took in school? It was your happy place...... Here is your chance to refresh your memory and start enjoying the making process again!

This is a perfect short session for folks who want to reconnect and start using open studio time in the future.

20 # of clay and one open studio time slot per week is included with the class.

a little experience is good, but not much is needed





8 week class

Wednesday 10-1pm

September 7 - October 26

All speeds wheel is great for beginners or new potters who are still getting comfortable with the process. We will have 8 weeks to really get our basics down and make pots you will be proud to use and share! 20# of clay and One open studio time slot per week is included with classes.

 All skill levels are welcome!


16 + are welcome to open studio with experience

Teen clay is for students 13-16 who want to try pottery or build on skills they started. We will use the pottery wheel, handbuild/sculpt and incorporate printmaking with clay. All experience levels are welcome.




Bigger & Better 

8 week class

Monday 6 -9 pm 

September 12 -Oct 31

Ready to level up?

Here is your next class! Now that you can center 3-4 lbs of clay, Lets go big! We will work on size and forms in this 8 week class. Graceful pots without wasted clay is he goal.

One open studio time slot is included per week. 

25 lbs of clay and tools are provided

experience needed



Let's add some heat!

4 week 

Friday  10-1:30

September 16 - Oct 7

In this 4 week class, we will make work on and off the wheel specifically for firing using alternative firing . Naked raku, obvara and hair/feathers styles will be our focus. Glaze -free firing incorporating oxides, stains and slips. 

Class includes one open studio time slot per week and 20# of clay

Experience needed

Close toed shoes are required


 Putting some function in the form!

 4 week class

Tuesday 1:30 - 4:30

Sept 13 - Oct 4

This handbuilding class will focus on functional and handy wares. We will use coils, slabs and extruded clay to make fun and functional projects. We will start with class projects and have time to explore individual ideas and project. One open studio time slot per week is incuded.

Lets make some fun!

20lbs of clay ,tools and apron are supplied

no experience needed