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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Open Studio? Is it for me? 

  • Open Studio Lab is time in our shared space to work. Large tools such as wheels and slab rollers are shared with other studio members. Booking a session secures a wheel or table space to work during the allotted time. Clay must be purchased separately and includes the cost of bisque firing. Work is glaze fired for an additional fee. 

  • Open Studio Lab is for potters with experience who are comfortable working without assistance in a community setting. 

  • If you have taken a class or two with us, usually you will be ready for Open Studio Lab! 

What is included in Open Studio Lab? 

  • Open Studio Lab monthly subscriptions include:

  • The cost of one Fire Box for glazed work per month. 

  • 4, 8, or 12 sessions in the studio per month

  • 1/2 shelf for storage of clay and works-in-progress

  • Bisque firing with purchase of clay

  • Sneak-peeks for classes, workshops, and upcoming events

  • Open Studio Lab single-purchase packs include only 4, 8, or 12 sessions. Storage and firing fees apply. 
    *See individual Studio Lab Plans for details*

How do I sign up for Open Studio?

  • Joining Open Studio requires a visit to our space beforehand so you can see if it's the right fit for you! We like to ask about your experience with clay, and give you the general studio rules and expectations. You can schedule a time by reaching out via chat or email, or just stop by during Open Studio hours! 

  • Then you'll be able to sign up online for a Pricing Plan that works for you. The plans include a 4, 8, or 12 sessions per month on a subscription basis, or you may also purchase a one-time pack to top-up. 

Can I use 1 hour of a Studio session and come back for another 2 hours later?

  • No. Once booked you must use the full session or lose it. 

What happens if I don't use all my sessions in a month?

  • Sessions expire at the end of each billing period. For recurring subscriptions this is one month. We cannot credit sessions back if you are not able to use them in time.

  • You can always start with a lower count plan and see what works for you, or purchase individual sessions or session packs a la carte if you just need a little extra. 

Can I cancel or suspend my Studio Lab subscription? 

  • Cancellations are available from your member page when you login. Suspensions are possible at studio discretion - please reach out to us to discuss your options!

  • Your shelf or locker must be cleared before the end of your subscription window or you may choose to pay monthly for shelf-space only until you return. Shelf space is $25 per month for paused subscribers. 

  • Please note that we cap our Studio members at 40 people, so your spot may not be available when you return!

  • We recommend reaching out to us directly so we can discuss your options and find a solution that works for you. 

How do I book a class? 

  • Book a class online by visiting our Classes page and following the steps to checkout. You can also book classes from the Services tab on the Wix Spaces app. You can redeem gift certificates during checkout. 

How do I book Open Studio Lab once I have a Studio Plan? 

  • We recommend booking via the Wix Spaces app! Using the invite link will open the app and lead you right to Clayer & Co's page!

  • Ensure you are logged in using the email address you purchased Studio Lab time with. 

  • Choose the Services tab and select the Studio Lab you want to book - Wheel or Handbuilding. 

  • Then, just pick the session you'd like to join by scrolling through the calendar at the top. Follow the on-screen instructions, making sure to scroll all the way down to check any boxes for terms & conditions. 

  • If you have a Studio Plan with us your session will be redeemed from your studio credits. If not, you will be asked to pay per-session. Tap the Book Now button and you'll be on your way! 

  • When the session you've booked arrives, please note you will need to check-in at the Studio with one of our helpers. This is to ensure we have the right head count in case someone can book last minute! We will see you in the studio. 

What are firing fees? What are storage fees? 

  • Storage is $25 per month if you are not on a subscription plan or if you have paused your plan and would like to keep your shelf until you return.

  • Firing fees are $25 per Fire Box for glazed work. Large pieces or high volume of small pieces may incur additional fees. Bisque firing is on us with your subscription or pack! 

  • Lockers are $25 per month for additional storage space

  • We offer whole kiln rentals starting at $150, with a discounted rate of $85 for Studio Members

Is it possible to rent a kiln? 

  • We offer whole kiln rentals starting at $150, with a discounted rate of $85 for Studio Members. 

How does firing work? 

  • We are primarily a teaching studio. Firing is based upon class production and those will take priority.

  • We no longer charge an up-front firing fee - You will only pay for what you fire.

  • Studio members will be provided a 21" x 15" box to place work for firing. There is a $25 fee to glaze fire any work in this box. 

  • One firing of this box is included per month for members on a recurring subscription plan. 

  • Work will be returned to the same box post-firing to keep items organized and safely returned to each potter! 

  • Larger pieces (over 8" in any direction), or high quantity (20 or more small items) will  incur additional fees at studio discretion. 

  • There is no fee to fire bisque pieces!

  • Firing of work made in classes is always included! 

I have more questions! How do I get help?

  • The quickest way to get assistance is to reach out via the Chat option on the Wix Spaces app. You can also reach us via the chat on our website or via email.

  • We are a small team, but we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible! 

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